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Here's An Interesting Debate (For Me To Poop On)... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
July 07, 2009 11:33

No post yesterday. Sorry about that, guys. I just don't feel like I can do my best work when there's more [consensual activity] going on in Carrot Top's bedroom than there is in the world of relevant Steelers news.

But that has all changed now that it's Tuesday.

For, now we've got this asinine debate about which NFL franchise truly is "America's Team" to rip on discuss.

As you can tell, ESPN is really busting out the big guns this offseason.

Though, I suppose any story that doesn't focus on the man whose name rhymes with Threat Barf is fair game (add an "of" between threat and barf and you'll get it).

But allow me to point out one thing, if I may - this debate is staler than Susan Boyle's vagina.

Besides, what does "America's Team" even mean?

Everyone wants to talk about championships or fanbases that are larger than Central America. But is that what really makes a team our nation's team?

Don't look at me. I just write a blog.

But if you want Matt Mosley's take on it - and really, who doesn't (what a well known and recognizable media figure) - apparently it's due to the ratings networks receive when they put the Cowboys on TV...though technically, one could assume that his reference to the ratings is meant to imply that there are so many Cowboy fans in America.

I've heard arguments similar to this before. Like, because Cowboys players have some of the top jersey sales across all sports, that somehow makes them "America's Team." And while I recognize that at the end of the day, our country really is all about the almighty dollar (debatable), I can hardly fathom that network ratings, are really what makes a team, AMERICA'S Team. 

I mean, does having more people watching one team's games mean they have more fans?


But the NFL is an American sports league. Any way you slice it, the notion of one team being more this country's team than another seems laughable.


I did catch one other head scratcher somewhere in this morass, though. Something that sounded like Mosley was saying that the majority of Steeler fans are Burgh ex-pats (as opposed to Cowboys fans, I'd imagine, who I guess transcend geographical ties...?).

Assuming I'm not misinterpreting his confusing assertion - Sure, naturally, tons of Steeler fans are Burgh ex-pats. But I've met an awful lot of people who have zero ties to the Burgh and still love the Steelers as much as if they did.

Oh well. This is what happens when you give writers assignments (much like this post is what happens when I don't care about what I'm writing).

Perhaps if anyone besides Cowboys fans cared about the "America's Team" designation, this might matter.

Good thing we do not.

And for the record, if Dallas is still "America's Team," I guess that means America can't win in December.

Anyways, I am now proud to present to you...America's Links!

Santonio gets himself a tattoo, asks us to get him an ESPY [PSaMP]

THE Catch recreated, Tecmo Super Bowl style [Steve Is Alive]

In case you haven't seen them, BTSC is reliving the 12 Most Heartbreaking Playoff Losses in Steelers History...which one might find kind of masochistic if there weren't way more awesome playoff wins in Steelers history. Anyways, here's the latest [Behind The Steel Curtain]

Apparently Gerry Dulac is now moonlighting for the Sporting News...and wrote about how the Steelers should make another Super Bowl run [Sporting News]

Nick Eason flossing the new hardware in his hometown [Effingham Herald]

Dudes drafted in '05 other than Heath Miller still not signed either... [Yahoo! Sports]

There may be no better embodiment of the phrase "hope springs eternal" than Browns fans [OBR]

Elsewhere in the division - the Bengals are retarded [ (via Yahoo! Sports)]

Lori and friends with a little exercise in creative fiction writing starring the Pens...I think... [HFSS]

A solid feature on bloggers perhaps overstepping their boundaries [Sporting Blog]

Sean petitions the USTA for a shootout...well, the tennis equivalent I suppose you could say (my words, not his) [Sean's Ramblings]

Vern = latest victim of identity theft [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

4 things you should not do when moving...besides being sober, I guess [Cheese People]

This douchebag with "hot" chicks (quotes because it really seems like HCWDB is lowering their standards) is openly welcoming feedback from who he calls his "hatters" [Hot Chicks With Douchebags]

Ah, but to Brady Quinn this is a WIN... /ignoring the rhyming, thanks [FAIL Blog]

One King honors another [Creation Rex]

Get your asses to Huckleberry Bar - Friday, 10-2 [Maticulous Music]

PS - I'll bet you noticed that I turned the bad word upside down in that main image to spare your virgin eyes...why I feel the need to do that is beyond me. Still, this might be the best picture ever to grace the pages of At least if I have anything to say about it...

Comments (5)
  • tecmo  - fagvbdfgv dfb sd
    Ah...America's Team is a bullshit "debate" anyway. Same as Power Rankings. They're all relative to the ones with the platform. Me...I'll stick to letting on-field accomplishments define my team.
  • Cotter
    I support your war on terror.
  • Grumpy
    I've never even been to Pittsburgh and I'm a Steeler fan. Although I admit I became a fan because of a connection to Ben, I now am hooked and will remain a Steeler fan after he leaves/retires.
  • Cotter
    Go Redhawks?
  • Liz
    I agree with your argument: The NFL is America's football league. There's no reason that one team should take the moniker over another.

    Either way, I'm not sure I understand all the Cowboys fans in Mrrrland. All these people couldn't have come from Dallas, could they?

    I've technically moved to Ravens country now. But I've seen more Steeler stickers than Ravens stickers. Makes me feel comfortable.

    And thanks! :)
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