It's great to at least see some positive things being said and people keeping the faith.

Hilarious references on here also :D

I think the reason the Steelers win despite the Jets improving and being home is this.....

1) The Jets don;t really have a running game. Our defensive line has suffered statistically from some long runs.....related to bad tackling.

I think with Vince having a bye week, the game will slow down a bit for him. The kid can hit and I think he will be fine.

Some of those missed tackles were by Ryan Clark and I think the increase in snaps for Shamarko is going to help us. He is a heat seeking missile near the line of scrimmage and can cover.

I think Bog Macs hammy might be better over the bye week. He has been playing through some pain and while I commend him for that, we need his explosiveness at the Nose Tackle.

If they can't run they have to pass and I like our secondary against a rookie. Look for our first turnovers coming in this game. I predict we will get two of them.

On offense while we might not run wild on the Jets, I believe our boy Leveon is good for 70 to 80 yards with another TD and 4 more receptions for 35 yards.

Our passing game is improving and I think AB & Cotch will have good games against the Jets secondaries. Im not impressed with Sanders and any contribution is welcomed but it wouldnt surprise me if Moye has a better game than Sanders now that Wheaton is out; Im sure he;ll be activated.

Honestly, while I'm not happy about the start we have had, I think we are the best 0-4 team I have seen. lol That will change this weekend.

PS Metallica rocked to me until after An Justice for All. Loved Cliff but they lost me after An Justice for all.

I still wake up to nightmares of Saint Anger and that tinny drumming:(

Anthrax, Annihilator and Tryptikon baby
(Celtic Frost front man Tom Warriors band)