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Conspiracy Works Out For Steelers... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
October 24, 2010 15:34

Well, the good news is, in the end, the Steelers beat the Dolphins, 23-22.


The bad news is - Aaron Smith tore his bicep, which apparently means it's curtains for his 2010 season, LaMarr Woodley hurt his hamstring, and Flozell Adams hurt his ankle.

As far as the score goes, we obviously had a shamrock up our asses to have pulled this one out.

But no one's going to really focus on the final score so much as they will that controversial call at the end of the 4th Quarter...

And that's the Associated Press.

You can only imagine what Dolphins beat writers and bloggers must be saying.

Look, I'm not going to pretend like that call didn't help the Steelers.

But, if that's the rule (needing definitive evidence of who recovered a fumble), then that's the rule.

Besides that, shit happens in football.

All the time.

I'm sorry if you don't like it, but a game is 60 minutes.

One call can affect its outcome, but it doesn't determine it.

Just so no one forgets, the Dolphins got the ball at their 29 yard line, down by only ONE, with two and a half minutes left in the game. The refs didn't make the Dolphins offense incapable of picking up a first down with the game on the line.

I'm just saying.

Real talk.

But back to the bigger picture, here.

With Aaron Smith potentially out for the remainder of the year, what do you do? Is Ziggy Hood ready to make an impact on every down? Keisel was out this week, and who knows how bad that injury is. Coming into this week, this D-line was thin. Now, it's even thinner. How's that going to work for us with 10 games left in the season?

By the way, everyone thank Jeff Reed for hitting that 19 yarder the refs gave the Steelers.

Was I legitimately concerned about Party Boy's chances of hitting from inside the 20?

Yes, I was.

Anyway, 5-1 and damn lucky to be it.

I'll get into all of the ins and outs and what have yous tomorrow or whenever I finish up the full recap.

For now, let's just say I'll take it, and it's...

So, what did you all think?

Are your hearts beating regularly again yet?

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