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They Sure Did... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
October 03, 2010 15:46

The Steelers took that mantra a bit too literally today.


11 penalties for 88 yards.

Including Matt Spaeth's only contribution to the game - a penalty that basically (they were already there, but still) put the Steelers punting out of the end zone (though ESPN's play-by-play has no recollection of this), and a holding penalty on the ensuing punt, which set the Ravens up at our 40 yard line with just over a minute left.

And then there was Jeff Reed.

The first miss is somewhat excusable, since it was a 49 yarder due to Chuck Batch getting sacked for a 7 yard loss on 3rd down the play before, and this is still Heinz Field.

But the second miss...

Franchise player, ladies and gentlemen.

At that point, the score was 10-7, Ravens.

Those three points would've tied it up (and ultimately would've sent the game to OT if things still played out the same way), and they were only in field goal range because of a turnover for the second straight drive. If you can't count on your kicker to make the kicks that really matter (they all matter to a large extent, obviously), you might as well not have one at all. And this is the second time in only four games this year that Jeff Reed has failed to come through for the Steelers when they really needed him.

Anyway, I'll give you plenty more in the full recap tomorrow (hopefully), but in the meantime, after a game like that, I only have several other things for you right now.


If there's a better stunned pic out there, I haven't seen it.


The 2009 playoffs beg to differ, Willis.

And finally, three...

At 12:01 AM tomorrow morning, he returns.

With something to prove.

NFL - you're on notice.

3-1 going into the bye week, Big Ben coming back, Browns on the other side.

I'm good with that.

Feel free to deposit any of your preliminary thoughts in the comments.

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