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1-0 Never Felt So Good... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
September 12, 2010 17:40

What happened on Heinz Field this afternoon was about a 6 or 7 on the ugly scale.

If this game were a "Hollywood star," it'd be somewhere between the mannish chick from A League of Their Own and Lady Gaga.

But, at this point, the only thing that matters is that the Steelers were able to come away with a win.

1 - 0...

Which is more than I can say for the Bengals, who despite all of their VH1 reality TV stars, still ended up losing to the Patriots, 38 - 24, after trailing 24 - 3 at halftime.

But it's not about the Bengals...or the Browns, who also lost today I might add. It's about the Steelers.

Right now, they've got one game down, three to go before they get Big Ben back.

In the first half of this game, Dennis Dixon looked, let's just say less than confident. In the second half, he looked an awful lot more sure of himself. But in neither half was he anything close to Ben Roethlisberger.

Of course, no sensible fan would expect him to be.

And he still went 18/26 for 236 yards, including a fantastic 52-yard play to Mike Wallace.

There were some definite pluses in this game, no doubt about it, and there some definite minuses, which I'll get into in full detail in tomorrow's game recap.

But the bottom line is - for the first game of the season, there was a lot to be excited about.

So, for right now, all you need to worry about is the final score, which of course was Steelers - 15, Falcons - 9.

As far as the injured parties go, here's what I've seen/heard...

Max Starks - was in some type of walking boot after the game and will miss at least next week's game
Casey Hampton - some type of hamstring situation - no clue on how long it could keep him out

But for all the sloppy mess that went on today, at least there was some style...

A win is a win is a win.

1 -0.

Enjoy it, my friends.

Tomorrow, we recap.

In the meantime, feel free to submit any thoughts you might have on the events that took place today at Heinz Field in the comments.

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