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AFC North Headline Of The Day... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
October 21, 2009 08:07

We're with Deion, Baltimore's back end IS atrocious...


Don't look now, but the Ravens secondary is weaker than Jeff Reed's sobriety.

Hey, did you guys hear that Ed Reed and Richard Simmons like to take baths together?

All joking aside, we must be talking about the Ravens Cornerbacks here.

We'd like nothing more than for Ed Reed to die in a fire, but we're pragmatists (today), and we have to admit, he and Dawan Landry are about as good of a tandem as David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman...


Honestly, though, as promising as this all sounds, we don't play the Ravens for the first time until the end of November. By then, instead of a leaky colon we could be talking about an iron stomach.

Still, Fabian Washington? Dominique Foxworth? Frank Walker?

Sounds like either the cast of a gay porn or some kind of backwards-ass version of the Rat Pack.

By the way, did you know that Dominique Foxworth was born in Oxford, England?

Too bad football isn't all tea and krumpets or he'd be the cat's pajamas.

Anyways, bottom line - cool, call me in about four weeks.

Now, the Ravens secondary may be weak, but these links are strong like bull...

Great moments in unlicensed Pittsburgh sports merch [PSaMP]

Looks like there may have been more action outside of Heinz on Sunday than inside [Blog 'n' Gold]

Sunday = statement game [Steel Triangle]

Matchup Watch - the big man vs. the big line [BTSC]

Apparently this guy still thinks Big Ben is on the outside looking in when it comes tot he Pro Bowl...probably why he writes for Yahoo! Sports [Yahoo! Sports]

Transcript of Tomlin's presser [SteelCityInsider]

I guarantee this is a first [AP]

The Browns might as well just give up [AP]

Ocho Cinco has an iPhone app...who cares [AP]

Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield out for Sunday? [Pioneer Press]

Pens win [The Pensblog]

Gayrod? [Sports, Crackle, Pop]

What is this, 1865? [Grumpy Old Dog]

And of course, this week's edition of Yinz Luv Da Stillers...

PS - We may have linked to this last week, but if you haven't seen Sean's interview with Jim Shearer, we strongly suggest you remedy that sitch.

PPS - We'll get to the real deal on Friday, but in the meantime, here's a preview of something to watch for on Sunday...


My question is, does this joke know it looks like he glued a bunch of cotton balls onto his head?

Also, let's talk about the beads...

This dude looks like Mr. T's gay, white cousin.

...we're done now...

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Comments (3)
  • Grumpy
    Thanks for the link. That guy will not get into Heinz Field, and if he does, he won't get out alive.
  • Steel Triangle  - That Photo
    That photo is disturbing. His parents must be very proud. As are, no doubt, Jeff Reed's.

    [Thanks for the link.]
  • Sean
    I love the David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman photo. Classic!
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