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AFC North Headline Of The Day... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
October 06, 2009 10:04


Two for the price of one!

Apparently the dude Braylon attacked in fisticuffs, is a close buddy of Lebron James. Great move, Braylon. Why don't you just go take a dump on Drew Carey's lawn while you are at it.

As if dropping TD passes wasn't enough, you thought it would be a bright idea to attack the entourage of the most popular man in Ohio.

Man, we don't play the Browns for 2 more weeks but we already got more material than Carrot Top.

We love you Cleveland, we really do.

While their football team is 0-4 and their number one receiver has begun a turf war with King James,  great times are on the horizon in Cleveland.

Cleveland will host the Gay Games in 2014! 

Now we could take the easy route and say things like "the Gay Games are played every Tuesday in Brady Quinn's bedroom" or "the Wheel-barrell race will be a tad bit more graphic"....... we will refrain from that kind of potty-mouth talk.

We'll leave that to yinz.

Before you go out and buy a new thong, shave your chest, and book a ticket to Cleveland for 2014,  relax with a Martini you fruity bundle of joy..........and enjoy these links:

And it's about damn time [BTSC]

The Baltimore Sun reacts to Big Ben's Raw appearance [Baltimore Sun]

Rumor again has it Troy may try and practice this week and maybe even play Sunday [Trib]

Would it have mattered? Doubtful [PFT]

The Lions may be without Matthew Stafford [Chicago Sun-Times]

Shaq's "not really a football fan," but he still rooted for the Steelers the other night [AP]

Steelers Style fashion show is right around the corner [Post-Gazette]

Sid was on MNF? [The Pensblog]

Happy Birthday to the real canine in Grumpy's family [Grumpy Old Dog]

[Northern California] Trivia Tuesday [Sean's Ramblings]

Maticulous at Huckleberry in Brooklyn on Friday. You know what to do [Maticulous Music]

News may come down (during the Tomlin presser)  whether or not Troy will play this Sunday against the Lions.  Just like Eric Mangini at an all you can eat buffet - we'll be on top of it.

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Comments (2)
  • Grumpy
    Thanks for the Birthday shout out to 'lil Grumpy. Seems the guy Edwards attacked is all of 130 lbs. Nothing good happens after midnight, or in your case Braylon, anytime.
  • 3rdStoneFromTheSun
    this is a perfect excuse for the Browns to part ways with Braylon Butterfingers at seasons end
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