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[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show - 2009, Episode 4...
Written by Cotter   
October 02, 2009 08:54

I can't really deny that I felt like last week's show was a winning combination of superior technologies and our usual nonsensical rambling.

Unfortunately, due to market forces beyond our control (Stan had a meeting), we were unable to tape using the "good" camera. So while the sound should have held up pretty well, the video quality is sort of like getting Brittany Murphy to star in your movie instead of Angelina Jolie.

But we did what we always do. No camera conundrum can hold the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show down! And this week we hit on a number of Steelers topics including (but not limited to) - last week's game, the fullback sitch, Troy's injury, and of course, asinine predictions.

Face it, it just wouldn't be a show without asinine predictions.

Anyways, we continue to make this thing week after week in the hope that it provides some value to you all. Whether that value comes from enjoying our "analysis" or laughing at how ridiculous we look on camera, we care not. All we care about is providing a quality product for you to enjoy. Hence, should you have any comments, kind words, constructive criticisms or otherwise, feel free to spit 'em out in the comments.

That all said, go Steelers and enjoy the show!!

And when you're done watching it here, go check it out again at PSaMP!

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Comments (5)
  • matt
    Best show yet! I like the music going out during your analysis & coming back in at the end.

    good work gentlemen

    now lets win on sunday.
  • tiny  - sad;flkjasd
    Great show guys. I look forward to these each week.
  • Grumpy
    Another 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Seriously though, good job. Production values get better each week and losing the soundtrack during your comments was a good idea. How about bringing in guests for their analysis and predictions?
  • tecmo  - sdfhadfh
    whenever you wanna stop by, man!

    yeah, we'll definitely have someone drop by at some point.
  • Crazy Canton Cuts
    dig the show

    great job

    glad I added this site to my blogroll and follow it
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