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What A Facial Expression... E-mail
Written by Steve   
September 30, 2009 12:22

philp rivers

How come every opposing quarterback the Steelers have faced, has been beyond easily dislikeable?


Let us put it another way - would you rather - A) Shake this man's hand, or B) push his face into a muddy puddle?


Philip Rivers is not exactly the NFL's prototypical role model.


Exhibit A:

This former NC State standout was drafted (by the NY Giants) ahead of Ben Roethlisberger in the 2004 NFL Draft and then traded to San Diego for the number one diva pick, Eli Manning.


Some assume Rivers is the best of this QB class, obviously ignoring the fact that he's the only one who has yet to win a title.


Conversely, we assume those people are dicks. And probably fans of the band, Nickelback.


But despite our personal distaste for this jagoff, you can't really deny that he's among the league's best QB's (not to mention biggest dickheads).

So far this year, Rivers has put up some serious numbers:

vs Oakland -

vs Miami -

vs Baltimore -


So serious that he currently leads the league in passing yards (PS - take a gander at who's got the best completion percentage)...


Yes, both the Dolphins and Raiders are 0-3 and yes, he threw two picks in a loss against the Ravens, but if throwing for 991 yards in the first three games doesn't impress you, you must either be Dan Marino or way too into Worlds of Warcraft.


The bottom line is, the Chargers are airing the ball out at a rapid rate. And let's just say, without Troy to make mind-blowing interceptions, and with his substitute Tyrone Carter still ailing, we have at least substantial cause to worry.


If we had to quantify it using the Homeland Security Terrorism Index (or whatever you call that thing), we'd put the Steelers somewhere between yellow and orange...



As for his history with the Steelers, we really only have to look at last year's stats as a reference.


Rivers and the Chargers visited Heinz Field twice in 2008, both times in extremely cold weather, both times in losing efforts.


For you stat monkeys, here is exactly how #17 faired against the Steelers defense each time:
Novemeber Week 11 matchup -

AFC Divisional Playoff * -

* The third touchdown came in garbage time when Darren Sproles scampered 60 some yards while the teams were already shaking hands.


Really this is all to prove a point that shouldn't require visual evidence to prove - Philip Rivers is a top notch Quarterback in this league.


Is he better than Ben? Did San Diego make the right choice between him and Brees?


Who knows. And frankly, who cares.


But, will he single handily beat the Steelers?

You decide.

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Comments (10)
  • Joey Porter's Pit Bulls
    Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you say about P-Rivers. Among QBs currently in the league, he's attained a level of douchebaggery rivaled perhaps only by Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer. But he's probably better than either of them.

    Of the three taken in that draft, I still am glad Roethlisberger's our guy. And Manning, eh, at least he's won a Super Bowl. Rivers hasn't.

    Of the new breed of QBs -- besides Drew Brees (and he's been around longer than most of these guys) -- one QB in particular really, really impresses me, as he did last year, and that is Joe Flacco. As much as I despise the Ravens, this kid's got it. It's not his fault the Ravens selected him in the draft. Watch closely sometime. He makes all the throws, has the footwork and even his play-action work on running plays is extraordinary. He's worrisome.

  • Avenging Jack Murphy
    Defending Phillip Rivers to fans who can't stand him is like trying to win hearts and minds in unsuccessful venture every time.

    But much like the US Government, I'll try.

    You're right; Philip Rivers is not the NFL's prototypical role model but he should be. Completely clean off the field; family man; involved in the community. Is he on the whiny side? Sure. Does he chirp too much? Sure, although significantly less during the last two seasons. I would be willing to bet my pinky finger that you never hear Philip River's name in a police ink blotter. It's an offering of a modest appendage but I'm sure I'll never lose that bet.

    Jay Cutler is a GIGANTIC DOUCHE. Please, Steeler Nation---you're an educated fan base---don't compare Jay Cutler to Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers is a team first guy. He played in the 2007 AFCCG with a torn ACL and after having his meniscus operated on six days earlier.

    Big Ben, Eli, Rivers....It was a great class and I'm happy with our guy. With the other two we'd still be without a Championship, as Philip is the least of our problems.I think all parties are happy with their respective QB.

    I'm sure this has fallen on deaf ears, for one simple reason....hating some guys is just fun.

    If someone showed up at my site trying in any way to defend that clown Cutler, I'd go berserk, and devote thirty consecutive days to anti-Cutler posts. But that's just me.

    Bash me accordingly and good luck this weekend.

    ...upon closer examination of Philip Rivers' facial expression in the above picture all of my points may have been rendered moot.
  • Cotter
    It's all in good fun.

    In reality, we all acknowledge that Philip Rivers is a solid guy. Like you said, clean off the field, a competitor on it.

    But, you know, what kind of humor/sports blog would we be if we didn't just have a little fun at the expense of others?

    Regardless of what meaningless banter we throw out, we know it's going to be a tough matchup and that our defense better be on its game.

    Also, as a testament to our team, both Steve and I have sworn not to watch Anchorman at all this week. And that's serious, because we really dig that film.

    Anyways, good to hear from you, hoss!

    And good luck on Sunday.
  • Avenging Jack Murphy
    I know,I long as the Steelers are playing the Chargers and goofy pictures exist of Philip Rivers (see:above), it is incumbent upon a top notch blog to attack without mercy!

    I, however, actually hate Jay Cutler that much so I try to get a feel if the Rivers hate is that I own a Rivers jersey so I'm obligated to defend the Whale's Vagina.
  • Grumpy
    Ok, first let's all go to Murphy's site and defend Cutler, just to watch his head explode. I notice Rivers has been sacked as much as Ben. We have to get pressure this week. Ben's interceptions is a deceptive stat since 2 of them came on hail mary attempts at the end of a half or game. And one falls squarely on Santonio. Rivers is the only QB in the Top 10 completing under 60% of his passes. And that's against the like of Oakland and Miami.
  • Avenging Jack Murphy
    The Steeler Defense should be able to get to PR because our line is pretty beat up. Our center is out and our RG is returning (possibly)...but he's a rookie. Now the absence of Polamalu might help us out significantly in this area, with PR not afraid to heave it down field. I would be surprised if the Bolts gave up less than 3 sacks.

    PR may be under 60% but Oakland, a shite organization, actually has a decent defense with a shut down corner (can't pronounce his name). Even in that game he went at a 66% clip which is closer to who he is as a QB.

    Having said that....we have ZERO run game. So the Steelers will know what's coming at 'em all night long.

    I like our chances better this time around, playing in good weather, and without Polamalu roaming the field but the Steelers are the champs.

    I think it will be a good least 12-11 this time:)
  • domski43
    I did a lot of research during the draft class of Rivers, Manning, and Big Ben because the Steelers had a serious need for an improvement at the QB position. I really, really, really wanted the Steelers to move up somehow or get lucky enough to get Rivers. I'm definitely happy we got Ben, but at the time I wasn't sure he was NFL ready. I for one am not a hater of Rivers. I love his passion for the game, amazing accuracy, his toughness (as cited above), and leadership on the field.

    Beyond my man crush....The thing that worries me the most about the Chargers is their receivers. In recent meetings Polamalu matched up against Gates, and it seemed like they hated each other with a passion. Beyond the threat of Gates, the Chargers receivers are very strong and tall. Our secondary has been exposed by receiving cores this year that are much less talented.

    Rivers is the best qb the Steelers d has faced up to this point, needless to say if the Steelers cannot get pressure on Rivers the we will be looking at 1-3.
  • Steel Triangle
    It's nice to hear from an intelligent, nuanced, reasonable person like Avenging Jack Murphy.

    I've been wondering: With all the talk about San Diego's (so-far) abysmal run defense, wasn't San Diego's pass defense last year even more abysmal?

  • Cotter
    Avenging Jack Murphy's a good dude all around. Plus, he shares a mutual hatred for the Patriots. How could you not appreciate that?

    But to answer your question, yes, the Chargers pass defense was ranked 31st last season -

    This season, they're at #8. Of course, when you play the Raiders and the Dolphins (Pennington got hurt early in the 2nd half to boot), that's not necessarily saying much (Ravens on the other hand, not so inept though). Of course, stats are only so much of the equation. So we'll just have to wait and see how good they are on Sunday. Hopefully Big Ben and crew will be ready.
  • Avenging Jack Murphy  - Pass Defense is abysmal
    Oh, our pass defense is shite.

    A big problem with the pass defense last year was that we had NO RUSH at all so any and all holes were exposed with the DBs.This year the pass rush has improved slightly so the DBs have looked better. Cromartie is crap but he's healthy and Weddle (SS) has made some strides. But the pass defense is actually still a bit of a mystery because teams have been attacking us on the ground. Without Jamal Williams we're now even worse at stopping the run.

    I'm curious to see how the Steeler O attacks the Chargers. I think it'll be a competitive game. Last year's games were close by score but it wasn't reflective of the Steelers' domination. The 11-10 game was so lopsided in favor of the Steelers yet we had a chance to win the game...this year will be different. With Troy out I think it's extremely competitive down to the end.
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