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I Don't Even Want To Talk About It... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
September 20, 2009 19:54

Last week, AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

This week, two missed field goals.

That happens to Jeff Reed about as often as the Browns have a winning season.

Everytime I see the score flash across the screen, I puke a little more.

1-1, but we'll live to fight another day.

Condolences, my friends.

This was a rough one to stomach.

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Comments (7)
  • Grumpy
    It hurts, but we get the Bengals next week and the Steelers are 5-0 in games with me in attendance.
  • random asshole
    Personal story:

    I was rocking my Sepulveda jersey today and mentioning to everyone how special teams gets no respect from Steelers fans until we need it (ala Mitch Berger and the generic 2007 clusterfuck). Then Jeff Reed happens, tonight.

    Fail all around. :(
  • Cotter
    Sounds like my life story.
  • random asshole
    Please don't exaggerate. Your life story not only wouldn't have started so positively, it wouldn't have involved anyone as awesome as Daniel Sepulveda, unless it started with, "Hey guys, you'll never guess who I was blowing last night!"

    Sorry, Cotter. I know you missed my regular commentary over the last month or two. Alas.
  • Dug E. Fresh
    It's a loss to an NFC team, not too big of a deal. I'd rather the Steelers lose to those teams and win the AFC matchups.

    dropped passes were a bigger concern than skippy missing the FGs, not like he's going to have to kick there again anytime soon or in any playoff game. When he starts missing at home or on the other AFC fields, then I'll worry a little.

    The running game showed signs of life, and for the most part ben was putting the ball where he had to. They'll start to click later on the season.

    no need to worry yet.
  • Ryan  - Leave the Browns Alone...
    "That happens to Jeff Reed about as often as the Browns have a winning season."

    Didn't you learn as a youngster never to pick on the "special" kid who lived in your neighborhood?
  • Cotter
    Haha, nothing personal, man.

    Honestly, it was the easy joke.

    Next time I'll try harder.
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