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Hate....Hate....Hate....Hate E-mail
Written by Steve   
September 17, 2009 13:10

(Cotter posted this video [Player Haters Ball] in the comments section yesterday, and I can't get it out of my head)

The NFL world is super negative today. Blogs, television Hosts, actual newspaper writers, and players, are hating all over the league. Want the rundown? -

Steve Smith doesn't like Jake Delhomme as a QB. Hate.

Everyone is Chicago already despises Cutler.  Hate.

Bills fans think Leodis McKelvins yard would be better used as a dumpster. Hate.

Texans corner, Dunta Robinson, calls out Texans owner......on his shoes. Hate.

And most importantly, everyone is hating on the Steelers running game. Yes, you know you are too. 

It's only been ONE WEEK!! Lets all chill out and have a Fresca, eh?

From Bob Smizik to Jerome Bettis, everybody is throwing the Steelers running game under the bus (consider that the worst intentional pun, in the history of puns) . Everyone needs to remain calm - the Steelers have played ONE

Yeah the run blocking looked worse than you ex-girlfriend, resulting with the combo of Willie and Rashard only gaining 25 yards, but like I was Week 1. We're not going to break records every week, kids.

Also, the Tennessee Titans were #2 against the run last year and second in "points against." We can't run over Browns defenders every week.

I'm just trying to be optimistic and give the O-Line, Willie, and Rashard some time before we crush them. As much as I want to go sky-diving in a Superman outfit, I'd want to see the Steelers' running game succeed more. But, I have to be patient........ for both.

And it may not get better this week. Despite missing Urlacher, the Bear's front seven is legit.

Sorry, maybe all of this goes without saying, but I like to give people/things/objects/characters-on-television-shows the benefit of the doubt, before I curse their existence. Kind of like how yinz should treat my writing here on OFTOT. Give me some time to grow, please

I'm kidding. Come TP my house and shit on my doorstep if you hate my posts. I'll even make you kool-aid.


All I ask is that you follow Cotter and I on Twitter.

Comments (3)
  • Cotter
    Come TP my house and shit on my doorstep if you hate my posts.

    I'll be there in two hours. Will there be cake too?

  • Bluzdude
    I think it's entirely too early in the season for a fan of any team* to panic about anything.

    * With the exception of 1) the Lions because even the National Enquirer psychics know that they'll suck again this year, and 2) the Browns because they're from Cleveland.
  • Grumpy
    Like Tomlin said on PTI, if Bussy thinks he can help he has "a helmet and pads for him."
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